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Meet SIS at the 2010 PBIRG Conference in Naples

Stop by booth #4 to meet with SIS International Research staff at the PBIRG (Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Research Group) conference. 

Gain full insight into the entire medical landscape: patients, physicians, competitors, supply chains, regulation and global markets!

Since 1984, SIS International has led a full-service US and global medical market research and business intelligence practice:

  • Emerging Markets Medical Research
  • Stakeholder Audits (e.g. physicians, patients, caregivers, and Key Opinion Leaders)
  • Loyalty & Satisfaction Research
  • Low-incidence market research
  • Growth & Market Opportunity
  • Brand Strategy & Advertising Research
  • Device Compliance & Usability Testing
  • Price optimization
  • Competitive Intelligence, Best Practices and Benchmarking

The PBIRG is a not-for-profit industry association dedicated to the advancement of global healthcare market research, business intelligence, and strategic planning in theory and practice.