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Marketing Strategy in Education Services

Many do not often realize that education is a business, even for non-profit universities.  Attracting appropriate students and planning ahead financial are vital in a competitive industry with many different competing substitutes. 

Executive Education has received attention for universities for a multitude of reasons, such as those programs' ability to attract profitable older students.  In planning for the future, education institutions often consider the following in attracting students, building endowments, expanding facilities and maintaining revenues:

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The Higher Education Industry in Europe

In Europe, there are about 4,000 higher education institutions with over 17 million students and 1.5 million staff. According to the European Commission, however, the curricula are not always up-to-date and not enough young population is able to attend universities. Therefore, governments of member European states are looking for ways to improve conditions and allow students to attend universities.

A modernization agenda for universities was published by the European Commission as part of the Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs, where the main fields of the reform are:

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NYU’s Aggressive Globalization Plan

Last year, New York University (NYU) announced an agreement with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to build NYU Abu Dhabi. The research university, with a complete integration of a liberal arts and science college, will be the “first world-class, liberal arts university in the Middle East”.

NYU Abu Dhabi is still underway, with the first formal academic year planned to start on the fall of 2010. NYUAD, which offer NYU B.A. and B.S. degrees, as well as specialized graduate programs, is projected to enroll at least 2,000 undergraduate students and approximately 800 graduate students. The students will be admitted from all over the world, especially the broad Middle East and South Asia.

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