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Corporate Sustainability Strategies: A Siemens Case Study

An independent SIS Market Intelligence Report by Michael Stanat, Research Executive, SIS International Research. 

Siemens is one of the world’s most prominent companies and Europe’s largest technology conglomerate. With 430,000 employees, $77 billion in revenue and industrial manufacturing, the company naturally has a major impact on greenhouse gases emissions emitting 4.53 million tons CO2e. 

Siemens has acknowledged the importance of climate change as one of the most important challenges facing humanity, alongside world poverty and access of all people to proper sanitation and energy.  This perspective has helped the company’s manufactured products eliminate 15 times the company’s total emissions.  Investing €2 billion annually in research and development, Siemens has a hefty 30,000 environmental technology patents and offers efficient solutions that better combat climate change.  

The company’s goal is to become a leader in climate change reduction by improving the performance of customers through efficient products. In fact, it has proclaimed to media that it has the most environmentally-friendly industrial technologies portfolio.  Further, Siemens has publicly embraced the need to address climate change and energy efficiency into its operations, communications, cross functional boards, product development and its membership at non-governmental organizations.  Beyond this, Siemens has set tangible targets for the future: its leadership expects by 2011 a 20% increase in energy efficiency and a 20% reduction of global carbon dioxide emissions.  Given the company’s size, global research and industrial technology solutions, the company has a strong platform to impact climate change.

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